Isaac Dawson

April 7, 2018


$ career

I’ve been doing information security professionally since 2000. As a consultant, I focused on application security assessments for the first 9 years of my career. In 2009, I moved into a R&D role for veracode. I spent many years studying automated vulnerability detection to further enhance their dynamic scanner product lines.

In April 2018, I left veracode to take a year off to learn and explore.

$ life

I grew up in New Hampshire, in a place where there are more trees than people. I had a hard time in school, so I figured the best way out was to start working as soon as possible. It worked. That lead me to Boston, where I worked until I met my wife and tried to convince my job they should relocate me to Japan. It worked. After a number of years in Tokyo, and I decided to leave Symantec Consulting to go to veracode, we decided to move in with her parents in Yokohama. (Hint: It worked). We now enjoy an actual house, in an actual yard with two dogs and a child. So far, everything is working. Let’s hope it stays that way.

$ interests

My interests have changed a lot over the years, but they have almost always related to computers, development, and infosec. Not until recently, after playing with ESP8266 and actually building things, have I begun to expand outside of computers. Woodworking is next on my list and part of this site will hopefully document my projects & progress.

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